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Community Development Through Polytechnics(CDTP)


Scheme of Community Development through POLYTECHNICS (CDTP)

[Grant-in-aid by Ministry of Human Resource, Development, Government of India]

Objectives of the Scheme of CDTP:

The main objectivies of the scheme are:

To carry out Need Assesment Survey to assess the technology and training needs.
To impart Skill Development Training to the intended target gropus.
To disseminate Appropriate Techologies for productivity enhancement.
To provide Technical and Support Services to rural massess and slums dwellers;
To create awareness among the target gropus about techological advancement and contemporary issues of importance.

Major Activities of the Scheme of CDTP:

Following are the major activities identified under the Scheme of Community Development through Polytechnics (CDTP)

  • Need Assessment Surveys
  • Skill Development Training Programmes
  • Disseminate and Application of Appropriate Technologies
  • Technical and Support Services
  • Awareness Programmes

Name of Extension Centres:

  S.S.M.P.C. - Main Centre

 1. Apex Club Building, Komarapalayam

2. Tiruchengode

3. Kadachanallur

4. E-Pudhupalayam

5. Vellakovil

6. Kangayam

7. D.G.Pudur

Staff Pattern:

Annual Operational Plan 2018-19

A. From Polytechnic:- [Part Time]

1. Dr G.K.Balamurugan Principal I/c & Chief Coordinator

2. R.Meenakshisundararajan Administrative Officer

3. Dr. V.Ilango Internal Coordinator

4. S.Udhayamarthandan HOD, Dept. of DTP

5. S.Ramasubu HOD, Dept. of DTT(D&W)

6. Dr. G.K.Balamurugan HOD, Dept. of DTMM

7. T.Murugan HOD , Dept. of DTT

8. R.Jagadeesan HOD, Dept. of DEEE

9. P.Chinnusamy Accountant

10. R.Shanmugasundaram Cashier

Skill Development Training:-

11. N.Jayachandran Trainer

12. S.Muthuvelammai Trainer

13. T.S.Nallasamy Trainer

14. V.Govindarajan Trainer

15. P.Eswaran Trainer

16. P.Samuel Trainer

17. M.Vimalanatham Trainer

18. R.Suresh Trainer

B. Contract Staffs [Full Time]


1. C.Murugesan Community Development Consultant

2. S.Abinaya Junior Statistical Consultant

3. P.Murugan Junior Consultant for Extension Centers

Guest Trainers:-

5. M.Sivambbikai Komarapalayam Extn. Centre

6. L.Vincentjosephine Komarapalayam Extn. Centre

7. E.Jotheeshwari Kadachanallur Extn. Centre

8. R.Anuradha Tiruchengode Extn. Centre

9. A.Vijayalakshmi E- Puthupalayam Extn. Centre

10. S.Sathya Vellakovil Extn. Centre

11. N.Geetha Kangayam Extn. Centre

12. P.Radhamani D.G.Pudur Extn. Centre

13. S.Vijayalakshmi Embroidery Knitting (All Centres)

14. R.Geetha Beautician Komarapalayam & Tiruchengode Extn. Centre


3 Months Courses:-

1. Chudithar, Designing Blouse and Embroidery Making

2. Handicrafts & Toys Making

3. Readymade Garments Making

4. Beautician and Hair Dressing

5. Embroidery & Saree value adition

6. Fancy Jewellery Making

7. House Wiring

8. Household appliances Repair & Maintenance

9. Textile Auto CAD

10. Advanced Textile Designing

11. Apparel Merchandising

12. Textile Printing

13. Digital Photography

14. Fabric Analysis and Costing

15. Paint and Photoshop

16. Basic PLC Applications